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Before trying Adonis wheels I was oblivious to the difference between wheels.  Now that I have tried Adonis wheels, I don't think I can go back.  I love the increased control and agility I get from this wheel. 

26/06/2013 TeeKnee Pirie

I picked up a set of these bad boys at RollerCon Down Under. I can't stop talking about the difference it's made to my agility. It's like being on runners. They seem telepathic and go where you're thinking. Love them! This is going to definitely be the next big thing in derby without a doubt! Thank you!

11/12/2012 Jillie Wright

Since getting my Adonis Micro Wheels in Las Vegas RollerCon 2012, I haven't touched my extensive wheel library, instead I am expanding my range of Adonis wheels. I love the increased agility they give me, I can run on these suckers!.  

07/12/2012 Lightning Strike'Her

I just got to say that I love this wheels! I am running the 88 Orange & 92 Green and this set up ROCKS! It doesnt even feel like I have wheels on my skates because they are so small! Every one trips out how tiny they are and how fast they roll! Its funny how you can do more tricks with these!

11/09/2012 Lisa Riker

I just want to say, since I've been rollin' on Adonis wheels; my skate level has exceeded the normal limits... #adonis4skatelife

17/10/2012 Wykeia SoulSkater