Monday, 13 May 2013 00:00

ADONIS LoRide Slider Plate Available Now! Featured

The ADONIS LoRide slider plate is only 1" from the center of the axel to the bottom of your boot! That is half the height of a normal plate. The LoRide plate utilizes a super stable 45° truck and our brand new single action ball pivot technology! Like all of our products, these plates are designed by skaters for skaters and underwent extensive design testing. The LoRide plate is officially out contact your local skate shop or rink to order a set now!


Dimensions (mm)

4 140
5 152
6 158
7 164
8 170
9 176
10 182
11 188
12 194


Gallery bellow contains examples of custom anodized ADONIS LoRide plates. Shoes are not included with plates.