Where can I get ADONIS Skate Wheels?

ADONIS Skate Wheels does not sell direct to the consumer. We have an ever growing dealer network to bring the wheels to you. Please check out the dealer locator map for a location near you!

Can you send me wheels to test?

Since our wheels are so new, and so different you can imagine we get lots of requests to try the wheels. Unfortunately, we can't send test wheels to everyone who asks. Our dealer network is growing rapidly so there may be a local dealer who has a set you can try. We also have a loaner program when at RollerCon where you can "check-out" some wheels to try.

What do I do with the metal things that came with my wheels?

Those metal things are the P-LET Bearing spacers! They are one of the most critical components to our wheels. These spacers go inside the wheel, between your bearings. These spacers have many performance functions. One of the convenient functions of the P-LET bearing spacer is that you don't have to fiddle with your wheel nut! No more adjusting back and forth to allow the right amount of spin with the least play. With the P-LET Bearing spacers installed, tighten your wheel nuts down until they are tight and you are ready to roll. No more pinching!

Do your wheels work with 7mm bearings?

Yes, our wheels work with 7mm bearings just fine.

How do I become an authorized retailer?

If you are ready to join the Micro Wheel Revolution and want to become a dealer or stockist, all you have to do is fill out our dealer application form and submit it for review. Once we approve your application, you will get an email notifying you of your account details. We are always looking to our network to help make ADONIS Wheels easier for our customers to find.

Can you sponsor me or my team?

ADONIS Skate Wheels does not accept sponsorship applications at this time. We currently scout out events and skaters to see who or what teams meet our criteria.

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