Betty Ford Galaxy

Rainier Roller Girls 2013 - Present
98a on my home floor (wood) Switch duro's as neccessary
Skating Career:
Almost 10 years - DANG GIRL!
Renton, WA USA (near Seattle)

Photo Credit: Jason Garland       

Betty is a founding member of the Rat City Rollergirls. She skated on the Throttle Rockets for 4 seasons and left for one season to skate on the Camaro Harem of the Jet City Rollergirls and returned to Rat and the TRs for 3 additional seasons. In 2013 Betty decided to join the Rainier Roller Girls for a new derby experience.

In 2006 Betty founded the Seattle Derby Brats which now has 7 teams and over 100 skaters as well as its own Ref and NSO crew. Betty coaches the travel team, the Galaxy Girls.

In 2009 Betty co-founded N.O.W. Derby with ReAnimateHer. Together they travel the globe to different leagues and coach custom bootcamps. In 2012 Lilly Lightning was added as an apprentice coach. 2013 we are adding Sunny Wytha Chansapian to the coaching line up.

Betty has skated on tons of adhoc teams including Trouble Brewing, Team Cheezeballs, Pegadeath, and Grunge City – Death Toll Dolls. She has skated and coached both banked and flat track, adults and juniors, mens, womens and co-ed.

You can see several junior derby articles written by BFG in past issues of Blood and Thunder mag and Five on Five mag. Betty was also featured in the RCRG documentary “Blood on the Flat Track”

Betty has defied the typical 2-4 year derby career and is happily skating in her 9th season. She attributes this to cross training and staying fit. Betty is an HERBALIFE/DERBALIFE coach as well as a skate coach and enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals both on and off the track. 

She is looking forward to 2014 - coaching juniors and skating in her 10th season.


BFG's League: Rainier Roller Girls

Coaching by BFG!: N.O.W. Derby