Naomi "The Neutrino" Grigg


Rat City Rollergirls / Sockit Wenches
92a/95a Combo
0.001 Galactic years
Skating Career:
17 Years


What brought you to derby?

I'd been inline skating for 17 years and had been representing the UK at world level in freestyle slalom and also competing in speed skating and skate cross (racing around a skate park full of ramps with 3 others) and was ready for a change. I had just moved to Seattle, and everyone was wearing spandex and rolling around a track on quad skates while hitting each other. Where do I sign up!!

What is your favorite position to play?

Lead jammer! Though nothing currently beats the feeling I get from plowing to slow a jammer that's trapped behind.

Do you attend Rollercon, and if so are you a scrimmage playing early riser, or a pool-side drinking partier?

I'm an overly scheduled scrimmage playing early riser. Next year I'd like to get there sooner so that I can make good use of time for a few days before drifting into a bloody mary induced stupor for the more crowded weekend. It'll never happen though - I like the idea of chilling but I know I won't be able to…

Of all the amazing advantages of the Adonis wheels, what is your favorite thing about them?

The faster lateral movements and changes of direction that I can perform due to the size and the lack of any movement of the wheel relative to the skate. I like uninterrupted communication between my foot and the floor, especially when using quick, explosive movements.

What do you recon of the new No-Minors ruleset?

Love it! It allows for a much faster game, and there's no longer any moments of 'wait, thats my number... what? Are they calling me for a major or a minor?