Spencer Hunt

95a, 98a & 100a
Rhythm & Jam
Skating Career:
11 years
Portland, Oregon
Oregon State games gold medalist 2 years

I skate because I can create something different every time I step on the floor, I feel free to do what I want how I want without the fear of judgement or ridicule, its pure creativity at it fullest! Its fun, creative, good exercise and I make a lot of good friends. I also enjoy skateboarding, snowboarding, and other random little hobbies here and there. I work at Oaks Amusement Park, biggest floor west of the Mississippi, as a sales associate/skate repairmen/maintenance guy. I found Adonis wheels through Dan "Kno Limitz" Miller about a year ago and once I felt the versatility, roll, speed, and smoothness that only Adonis wheels could offer, I never looked back.