92a Hardness

ADONIS 88a Hardness Wheel

MSRP: $47.50/set of 4

Available in two dimensions, the 92A hardness wheels offer all the benefits ADONIS wheels are known for. The 92A hardness is ideal for sportcourt, some wooden floors and some outdoor use. These are by far our most popular wheel for roller derby. They offer just the right mix of traction and speed. Some players mix and match 88's or 95's with their 92's to really dial in the feel of the roll to their liking. These wheels are great for all skill levels of derby.


Dimensions & Weight:

50mm x 36mm - 56g
50mm x 32mm - 52g

Recommended Use:

Sportcourt or Some wooden floors, Outdoor surfaces, 

Great for all levels of derby


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