50mm Micro Wheels

ADONIS is doing what no other wheel manufacturer is. We all see wheel companies slowly stepping down in size a mm or so at a time over long periods of time. We decided to just cut to the chase and design a wheel that is not too small but just right for proper performance. With 50mm Micro Wheels, you realize a number of benefits that help improve your skills and stamina.

Benefits include:

  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Reduced Weight
  • Improved Response
  • Improved Stamina
  • Improved Precision

The lower profile gets you closer to the ground giving you more stable agility on your skates. Better agility is good for all aspects of skating from Derby to Rhythm. Getting low is critical for keeping you on your feet and harder to knock over. The lower profile also allows you to utilize a narrow wheel properly. Many people who have tried traditional diameter wheels in skinny or super skinny form complain about balance and the ability to avoid ankle injuries. Think of skinny, large diameter wheels as lifting a radio flyer wagon. You will have less surface area to distribute your weight and balance on the ground making it easier to tip over around corners or through awkward manuevers. When you use a smaller wheel, your center of gravity is lowered and you can get away with a skinnier wheel without side affects. 

Reduced weight is another benefit of the ADONIS low profile design. ADONIS skate wheels are the lightest "Hub'd" wheel on the market! Reducing the overall mass of your skates will help increase your response, recovery and give you an overall better skating experience! This reduces size and weight will take the sluggish response out of your feet. You may not notice it until you try them, but you will definitely be able to tell a difference. This dramatic improvement in response time will allow you to start and stop faster, change direction quicker, recover from a misstep easier and jump higher.

Many people ask, "Won't small wheels slow me down?" The answer is no. We find many skaters are actually faster on ADONIS wheels because it takes less effort to do the same work. Putting in the same effort as larger wheels will increase your performance. Another thing to take note is that derby is not speed skating! While some speed is important, setting land speed records are not neccessary and response and agility is much more important.

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