P-LET™ Technology

All ADONIS skate wheels come with our Precision Load Equalizing Technology, "P-LET" that fits between your bearings. The idea is not new. Many wheels way back in the day came with similar spacers. However, many companies in a search to cut costs eliminated the use of the spacers. We all know that wheels will work without spacers, but there is something to be said about wheels that are designed to use them. 

This simple yet crucial component allows the user to fully tighten their wheels until all play is eliminated which reduces wheel rattle as well as uneven bearing wear and conveniently makes changing wheels much faster. The most critical benefit of "P-LET" technology is the equal distribution of load to both bearings reducing an uneven and undesirable pressure concentration on each individual bearing that occurs when you turn. So what does this mean? "P-LET" allows you to roll faster through the corners!

Our wheels are precision made to encorporate our CNC machined P-LET spacers. It is important for the wheel hub to be designed to accept a spacer. Using a spacer in a wheel not design for one will either cause bearings to fit incorrectly OR provide performance that is less than it could be.

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